Location TBD

Hosted by Robert Feisel

Sign Up @ 8PM

Show @ 9 PM

Featured Artist @ 10 PM

Next Date TBD : Featuring

Next Featured Artist TBD

also performing: Carmen King, Kerry Wing
T.L. Smith, Josh Reyes, and more!


Would you like some stage time to show your stuff?  Come on down to the OPENSPACE MIC!  Everyone gets 12:34 minutes to express themselves.  The event is hosted by an MC and open to any form of art.  The only limit is the time in order to give everyone a turn.  We hope to get 10-15 performers on stage each week.  Sign ups are first come first serve in person at the event and soon to be online as well.  Besides the stage, we also support people doing LIVE ART during the show and hanging art for show and/or sale. 


The Openspace Mic is a community exchange and grass roots event for exhibition and performance of local talent.  Our mission is to provide a public platform for self expressions and sharing that with peers.  Any form of art is allowed, the only limit is on time, that is, everyone gets 12:34 minutes on stage.